Research and Methods

The problem

Although there are more than 280 million individuals diagnosed with depression world-wide and mental health issues are striking across all populations, the tools to understand, measure, track and diagnose what is happening and why – are lagging behind any other medical field. 

Our research is focused on establishing the feasibility to quantify, measure and control currently unmeasurable human processes such as mood.

This work will hopefully enable the implementation of advanced technological solutions aimed at improving mental health. We work on developing engineering and interdisciplinary methodologies for integrating the neural, physiological and social mechanisms of mood, with a focus on understanding what drives mood stability vs instability, in health and in psychopathology.

One of our primary tools are closed-loop adaptive experiments, that can artificially control individuals’ mood to different states or maintain them at a specific mood state. This unique approach allows to uncover the underlying mechanisms and limits of individual mood in different environments.

Our research questions: